How to Repaint a Motorcycle Helmet? A Comprehensive DIY Guide

repainting a motorcycle helmet

Repainting a motorcycle helmet can be a fantastic way to personalize your gear and make a bold statement on the road. However, achieving a professional-looking repaint job requires careful preparation and execution. You can easily repaint a motorcycle helmet and give it a personalized touch by following these simple steps: With the right tools and … Read more

Can You Take the DOT Sticker off a Helmet? (Explained)

For a motorcycle helmet to be road-legal, it needs to pass certain safety standards. There are different standards, but all helmets intended for on-road use sold in the USA must be DOT-certified. Helmets that meet the DOT requirements come with a special DOT sticker on the rear of the helmet, which many riders prefer to … Read more

How Much Do Motorcycle Fairings Cost? (With Examples)

Motorcycle Fairings Cost

There is a huge variety of motorcycle fairings to choose from. Incidentally, this also makes picking the right motorcycle fairings a tricky task. One of the important factors when it comes to choosing motorcycle fairings is their cost. The quality of the fairings and how they look are important factors; however, one should also be … Read more

Why Are Motorcycle Fairings So Expensive?

Motorcycle fairings are the shell that covers and surrounds parts of the motorcycle’s front and sides. Usually, motorcycle fairings are made from different types of ABS plastic or fiberglass. However, just because motorcycle fairings are made from plastic or fiberglass does not mean they are cheap. In fact, this is one of the things that … Read more