Are 50cc Scooters Worth It? (Should You Get One?)

When making a purchasing decision, everybody is different, and different factors will play important roles.

Often one of the first things most riders consider is the engine size of their future vehicle, which is usually measured in cubic centimeters or ccs.

Scooters can be found with different engines ranging from 50cc up to 850cc.

A bigger engine equals more power, but smaller engines also have their advantages. Thus a lot of people will wonder if scooters with smaller engines will be worth buying.

Are 50cc scooters worth it? 50cc scooters are worth it, especially if you are doing short commutes on fairly flat roads with low or slow traffic that does not move at more than 30 mph. The majority of 50cc scooters are cheap and economical, so they can be useful to people who want to keep costs down.

There are some caveats that one should consider and understand before getting a 50cc scooter, so let’s take a more in-depth look, with a more detailed look at 50cc scooters and what you can expect from them.

Overview of 50cc scooters


Usually, 50cc scooters are not very fast due to their smaller engines.

Most 50cc scooters can go as fast as 30 to 60 mph (48 kph to 96 kph). Restricted 50cc scooters usually can reach between 30 to 35 mph while unrestricted 50cc scooters can reach 40 to 60 mph.


Most 50cc scooters are fairly slow. Although they will have more power in the low end, they are still slow to get going, and reaching their top speed takes time.

This makes them fairly limited in what they can offer.

They are best used for roads that do not have a lot of fast-moving traffic on them. Hills can also be fairly problematic.

50cc scooters are great for bigger towns and cities, too. Even in cities like New York, a 50cc scooter will be more than enough. The legal speed limit there is 25 mph, which a 50cc scooter can maintain comfortably and will allow the rider to move with the traffic.

As long as the scooter does not have to be taken on highways, it will do just fine.

Purchase costs

A new 50cc scooter can cost between $2,000 to $4,500. Second-hand, 50cc scooters will usually be cheaper, usually costing between $200 to $2,000 depending on their condition.

Depending on the scooter and its condition, the rider may reasonably expect to spend an additional $50 to upwards of $500 for repairs.

This means that a brand-new 50cc scooter will not necessarily break your bank. Even excellent 50cc scooters like the Aprilia SR R 50 or the Vespa 50cc can be found at prices between $2,000 and $4,000. Yamaha’s 50cc scooters like the NEO’S 4 and the AEROX 4, also fall in the same price category.

The costs of purchasing a helmet, gloves, and other accessories like a top box should also be factored in. Additional costs can range between 50$ and $350, depending on the rider’s needs.


One of the advantages of 50cc scooters is that they have low running costs.

Most 50cc scooters are very economical and have a very good mpg.

Usually, 50cc scooters tend to have between 72 to 117 mpg (or 30 to 50 km/l).

Insurance Costs

In terms of insurance, 50cc scooters are among one of the cheapest vehicles. Some places may not even require riders to pay insurance for vehicles under 50cc.

Typical insurance costs for 50cc scooters can vary between $75 up to $550 per year. (Or $6.25 to $46 per month.) In certain cases, it can go up to $980.

The cost to insure a 50cc scooter will vary depending on the rider’s age, experience, and license.

For example, older riders who have passed motorcycle courses and have more experience will receive cheaper premiums compared to younger riders or people with a history of incidents on the road.

You should also factor in the registration fees, which can vary a lot depending on where you live.

Maintenance and maintenance costs

The common consensus among people is that bigger engines tend to last more than smaller engines. This is believed to be caused by the fact that smaller engines need to work harder than bigger engines, everything else being equal.

However, 50cc engines can be great engines that can last a very long time. There are multiple reports of people using 50cc scooters for 10, 20, or even 30 years without needing anything more than basic maintenance and care.

Fun factor

Overall, 50cc scooters are slow and fairly underpowered. Many riders will find them not very fun. However, this does not mean that a 50cc scooter is not fun to ride as they are overall great machines.

Often it is very easy to find parking space for these scooters, and in many areas, you may not even have to pay any parking fees. Even parking the scooter on the sidewalk may not bother anyone. They are great short-distance commuters, and the low running costs, taxes, and overall maintenance costs make these scooters worth having.

That being said, people looking for two-wheeled vehicles that can be taken on longer trips and can reach high speeds will definitely not find 50cc scooters fun and enjoyable.


Usually, 50cc scooters are fairly lightweight. Most 50cc scooters weigh between 172 lbs and 249 lbs (78 kg and 113 kg).

Since 50cc scooters do not weigh a lot, this makes them easy to ride and control. And even if you happen to drop your scooter, it is unlikely that you will have serious difficulty lifting it.

Weight limit

Some riders may be worried that a 50cc scooter will not be able to carry a lot of extra weight.

Although 50cc scooters will not be very powerful, they are powerful enough to meet most people’s needs.

Usually, 50cc scooters have a weight limit set between 200 to 390 lbs. This means that 50cc scooters can carry a lot of weight, however, their top speed and acceleration may be negatively affected. In addition, taking a passenger with your may lead to some problems depending on your total weight and whether you carry any baggage, too.

Are 50cc scooters powerful enough for the highway?

Many riders will be wondering whether they can go on the highway with a 50cc scooter.

Here’s the thing.

In most countries, 50cc scooters will be allowed to go on highways by law. However, 50cc scooters are not powerful and are very slow, which makes them unsafe and therefore should not be taken on highways.

Depending on your local regulations, as far as the law is considered, you may be able to take a 50cc scooter on the highway. However, just because you can does not mean you should do it.

Taking a 50cc scooter on the highway is not safe. The rider would not be able to keep up with the fast-moving traffic in a safe manner, overtake other vehicles on the highway, or get away from harm’s way if something unexpected were to happen.

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50cc scooters vs. 50cc motorcycles

Regardless if you will be going with a 50cc scooter or a 50cc motorcycle, there will not be any significant difference between the two in terms of performance.

Both bikes will have engines with identical capacity and will have similar capabilities and weight. The biggest difference is that 50cc scooters usually have an automatic transmission while 50cc motorcycles have a manual transmission.

This causes 50cc scooters to have, on average, worse mpg than 50cc motorcycles. For example, 50cc scooters tend to have between 72 to 117 mpg (or 30 to 50 km/l), and 50cc motorcycles get between 95 to a little over 130 mpg (40 to 55+ km/l)

Are 50cc scooters safe?

When it comes to safety, all scooters and motorcycles are built according to certain standards. In other words, the smaller engine by itself does not mean the scooter is built according to different safety standards. That being said, a car will always be safer than a scooter or a motorcycle.

The major safety concern with 50cc scooters stems from the fact that they are fairly slow and underpowered. A 50cc scooter is safe as long as the rider understands the scooter’s limitations and capabilities. 

Riding such scooters on rural roads can also be dangerous since people in tractors, larger pick-up trucks, and vehicles may not always see you. And taking a 50cc scooter on highways and other roads where there’s a lot of fast-moving traffic can be a serious safety hazard.

Are 50cc scooters right for you?

A 50cc scooter is great for people who are looking for a cheap mode of transportation around flat roads with less traffic.

A 50cc scooter will perform reasonably well on small hills. However, the lack of performance will be notable, and people may find it very frustrating and even dangerous.

People who are looking for something faster, quicker, and which can be taken on highways and used for longer commutes will not find 50cc scooters useful and worth owning. In such cases, it is recommended to consider getting either a scooter or a motorcycle with a larger engine capacity.

Is it worth getting a 50cc scooter?

The most important thing is whether or not it is worth getting a 50cc scooter.

A 50cc scooter is worth it if the rider understands the scooter’s capabilities and limitations. A 50cc scooter will be worth getting if you are looking for a very cheap mode of transportation and a simple way to get around your town where the lack of power is not going to be a problem.


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