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“MortardMental.Life is a brand that embodies the passion for motorcycle and adventure, and the realization that happiness is primarily found within oneself. The brand was founded in 2020 by Simon Dufour, a self-employed telecommunication expert with a college degree in electronics.

Simon’s love for motorcycles started at a young age, as he rode his first Yamaha BW80. Throughout his life, he has been an entrepreneur at heart, starting his first business building wooden mini-hockey sticks at the age of 9. He later participated in the creation of a mobile-disco company, and went on to complete a certificate in business start-ups.

Simon’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to start a sports training business, a hunting farm company, and eventually, a new telecommunication business. However, his journey was not without challenges. He lost everything in a bankruptcy, and was so devastated that he nearly committed suicide. With the support of others and a journey of self-awareness, he realized that happiness cannot be found in external factors such as money or possessions.

Simon’s love for adventure extends beyond motorcycles. He was a member of the Canadian underwater hockey team, and went on to coach the Canadian Women’s team at two world championships. He hopes to share his passions and his journey with the world through MotardMental.

At MortardMental.Life, we believe that true happiness is found within and can be embraced through motorcycle adventures and a mental connection to the world. Join us on this journey and discover the joy of riding and exploring.”